The Pura Vida Story

A: Erik Adams

Q: (Background) – Tell me a bit about your position in the business, your background in the industry and how long ago you purchased or developed Pura Vida.


My connection with health and wellness in the area goes back to my father who was a volunteer doctor at the Nimbin Aquarius Festival in 1973. He taught me the importance of prevention rather than cure.

Moving to Byron 27 years ago, like many, I feasted on the smorgasbord of alternative therapies and practices available here. 

Inspired by the healing power of nature and the belief in the body’s innate power to heal itself, I established Funkey Forest Retreat Centre in Main Arm in the late 90’s and ran silent fasting retreats there for 10 years while studying and practicing plant based nutrition, bodywork, meditation, yoga and devotional music with great teachers from all over the world.

I also spent 14 years working for Santos Organics, where I set up the juice bar at Mullumbimby and later became the store manager.

Q: What sets you apart from other day spas – what are your unique selling points, what do you specialise in or what can you provide that others can’t?

I created Pura Vida in 2016 as an attempt to preserve some of the old school healing culture of the area.

Despite being in the centre of Bruns, it is a calm oasis in what has increasingly become a chaotic overstimulated world.

It is also my personal shrine to Latin America and is filled with beautiful artworks and fabrics from my many journeys there. It’s kind of modelled on some of the the clinics you might see in Mexico or Guatemala – cosy colourful homely places with courtyards and interesting books, usually underneath or at the front of people’s houses. 

Pura Vida means ‘Pure Life’ in Spanish but in Costa Rica it conveys a much deeper meaning – of living a simple, humble natural life in harmony with nature and with less focus on material consumption.  My philosophy of healing is the same – Live simply and close to mother nature and mother nature will look after you.

Q: Tell me a bit about your team – how many people are employed in the business and how does their expertise ensure your business stays ahead of the game?

We have an amazing community of over 20 dedicated therapists catering to the full spectrum of needs for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These therapies include :  remedial and kahuna massage, holistic chiropractic, kinesiology, psychology and counselling, art and colour therapy, hypnotherapy, naturopathy, spiritual healing, reiki, astrology and tarot readings, yoga and meditation, infrared sauna and colon hydrotherapy. We also host regular workshops, talks and groups, and have a range of select herbal remedies and wellness products. We are truly a one stop shop.

Q: What is it you love about Brunswick? What makes the area a great place to run a business from?

I love Bruns because the river and nature are an ever present calming force. I also love the community, the lack of chain stores, and that the town is still laid back enough that I can wear no shoes to work.


Q: Is there anything else in particular you want to make sure is mentioned in the editorial?

I am very excited that my beautiful partner Rebecca Zomer will now be working here offering colon hydrotherapy and naturopathic support for your detox and gut health needs.

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