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Asher-Lily-Green - Ayurveda
Asher-Lily-Green – Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic and energetic medicine that guides us toward health, happiness & longevity. When our body’s functional intelligence becomes imbalanced over time due to improper diet, lifestyle, relationships or trauma, it creates disharmony in the body and mind. This imbalance, if unchecked, leads to disease manifestation.

Asher-Lily believes we all have an inner knowing, a compass to guide one towards health – Ayurveda is a guide for showing us the way. Encompassing the four quadrants of life; the mind, body, emotions & spirit, an Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultation with Asher-Lily will address each of these aspects of your life and health – offering you tailored recommendations to create a balanced lifestyle to best suit you as an individual.

Having completed the Diploma of Ayurveda in 2016 & continuing her studies towards the Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda at Byron Ayurveda College, Asher-Lily is passionate about health and the connection between mind and body. Also an avid Yogi, she has been teaching at retreats, yoga teacher trainings, yoga studios and private sessions in Melbourne, Byron Bay and abroad since 2012 and continues to enjoy imbibing the knowledge of Ayurveda into her classes.

For Asher-Lily, Ayurveda is about self-empowerment. The profound simplicity – yet depth of knowledge – encompasses the totality of life. The ancient philosophy and teachings inspire her daily with their timeless and practical application. It truly is an honour to share classical Ayurveda, paying homage to the tradition and to all those practitioners that have come before. Asher-Lily looks forward to engaging you in the joy that is Ayurveda.

In addition to Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultations, Asher-Lily is able to offer private Yoga sessions and Ayurvedic treatments on a personal programme basis including; Full Body Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage with oil), Shiro Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Head Massage), Chaviti (Massage using the feet), Uro & Katti Basti (Oil therapy for the heart and lower back), Marma Therapy & Ayurvedic Facials.

For more info

Initial Consultation / $110 (1.5hrs)
Follow up/  $70 (45min)
Treatments & Private Yoga Sessions are available / Upon request

Available for bookings Mondays, Tuesdays & Saturdays

For Enquiries or Bookings call 66850 498 or contact us here

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