Briony Taylor-Brooks


Massage Therapy

The Bodywork and Healing work I offer is a 16 year weaving of the following Modalities

Trigger Point Therapy – Deep and Soft release

Injury Rehabilitation



Pregnancy Massage

Lomi Lomi


Over the years i have come to realise the deepest healing one can bring another is true presence, nurturing, nourishment and listening.

Catering every session specifically to each client, honouring the fact that each and every Body, Mind and Soul has it’s very own story to tell, i am passionate about reading the lay of the land beneath these hands and the messages that come through, from and of the heart.

Within the tapestry of works offered i have, over the years, also incorporated sound and shamanic/elemental offerings that assist each client to journey as deeply as they wish to allow the Nervous System to relax and realign and the body mind and spirit to heal itself.

Upon request i also have my own range of Bush Flower Essences from the Kimberly Region of Western Australian, from which i hail and grew up, that also assist in deep release, clearing and rebalancing that can be included in our session.


For Enquiries or Bookings call 66850 498 or contact us here

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