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Cherie is a psychologist (clinical), and qualified in the transpersonal. She holds a deep respect for the inner knowing that lives within, and facilitates a safe and nurturing space to connect with your essence more deeply. She has a profound respect for and relationship with nature and nature-based work. Her work as a therapist is informed by the cycles of nature and our human cycles and phases. Cherie draws upon a range of techniques from evidence-based practices including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive-behavioural techniques, mindfulness and Internal Family Systems. Her explorations through dance, Chinese medicine, shamanic woman’s work and the transpersonal are woven into her understanding of the human experience.

Cherie uses a collaborative, client-centred approach, with a focus on our somatic experience and embodied knowing to navigate the intricacies and challenges of the internal terrain. With the establishment of a shared vision for the therapeutic journey, each session is a creative unfolding. Together, we respond to the authentic unfurling of the inner process, sensitive and attentive to the felt emotion, thought patterns and tenderness that may arise.

Cherie fosters a respectful and curious space for people to examine what is and is not working in their life, and to make grounded decisions about moving towards living the life they envision for themselves. Sessions with Cherie can target specific issues or explore deeper elements such as our values and purpose in life.

Therapy sessions with Cherie ideally starts as a series of 6-10 sessions to support your journey of healing, self-discovery, growth, and behavioural change. Sessions help to navigate your way through emotional difficulty, life transitions, changing relationships and pivotal self-awakenings.

Prices ( 55 mins ) :

$210 – for those with a Mental Health Care Plan. A rebate of $129.55 is available for those who are eligible.

$200 – private

A sliding scale is available for those in genuine financial hardship.

Please contact her via email at to book sessions. Include a phone number so she can call you for an initial 15 minute consult, prior to your first session. 

For Enquiries or Bookings call 0490895508 or contact us here

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