Erik Adams

Erik Adams
Erik Adams – Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage & Intuitive Bodywork

Erik is an intuitive bodyworker with over 20 years experience in the healing arts. His massage style is firm, fluid and nurturing, incorporating elements of remedial, swedish, shiatsu and reiki modalities.

” My sessions aim to help reconnect people to their own innate intuitive source of wellbeing, realigning the subtle energy system as much as the physical body. “

Session Review from INJOY MAGAZINE :

Having a massage is the very best way to start your holiday in Byron Bay. Strip away the baggage you carry, knowingly and unknowingly, melt your muscles and your mind. This also applies to anyone calling this place home. Regular massages directly rebalance, replenish and realign your perspective on life, and definitely enhance your quality of experience.

Recently, for this session review, I had a massage… long overdue.

It was immediately apparent that I had neglected myself, my knots and blocks were more like thick ropes of tension and boulders of held baggage. It was quite confronting but after the session I felt much more humbled than hobbled.

Erik Adams, from Pura Vida Wellness Centre, draws from his background in remedial massage, zen shiatsu, reiki and goes deep, directly addressing the physical tensions and traumas. With a firm touch and gentle soul Erik worked my muscles to a point where I could breath deeper, let go and receive.

From there the session flowed and I flourished, His deep sweeping arm movements melted me into a quiet place. The stretches and releases realigned my structure and I feel so much easier, brighter, softer… lighter.

Erik explained, “Typically we build up layers of psychic armour and stress that manifest as muscular tension in our bodies, subsequently reducing our vitality and impairing our mental and emotional state. My role is to help people drop into a meditative space and intuitively work with them to clear blockages and re-establish flow in the subtle energy pathways which naturally brings us back into harmony.’

Having a massage is a declaration of self love, and a vital tool for self care.

30 mins $50 / $45 conc.

60 mins $90 / $85 conc.

90 mins $130 / $120 conc.

120 mins $160 / $145 conc.

Enquiries or Bookings call 66850 498 or email us here

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