Hanson Jeong

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Psychology and Family Therapy

Hanson is a father of a 10 yr old son, is a second generation Asian Australian & values family, relationships, community and culture.  His formative experiences involved working with men: in conflict with their partners, in trauma, or with addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex & gambling). 

This has led to working with individuals & the whole family in various settings: community health, family counselling centres, prisons, drug and alcohol rehab, acute mental health and community mental health.

He has led programs including anxiety & depression (the Living & Laughter Prgm: Melb, Vic), family conflict, sexual offending, personal development, relationship building, communication, & family functioning.  He is currently developing a program for adolescents/ young adults in mental health.

Recently, Hanson is developing programs in peak performance & positive psychology (happiness studies).

He has over 30 yrs experience in mental health & is a registered psychologist, social worker & a qualified family therapist.   


Adults as well as children 5+ yrs in the context of the family. 

For welfare beneficiaries, Medicare bulk billing is available.  Health insurance rebates can also apply.


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