Kasey Walker


Hypnotherapy / Tarot / Readings

” I am a Hypnotherapist and an intuitive spiritual healer.  My gifts and knowledge have been passed down and taught by my grandmother since the age of 5.

My heart based Hypnotherapy technique by-passes the conscious critical analysis and accesses the subconscious mind to re-frame and heal deep traumatic memories.

Hypnosis can help with anxiety, grief, depression, addiction, phobias, ego-strengthening, achieving goals and children’s behavioural problems. It is a client centred approach where the client is in complete control at all times.

I create a confidential and nurturing space for clients to feel safe in their process of letting go of whats been holding them back from living an abundant, positive and happy life.”


Hypnotherapy initial consultation $130  for 1.5 hours.

Follow up appointments $120 for 1 hour.

Kids $110 for 1 hour.

Tarot $120 for 1 hour, Reading & Healing 1.5 hours $15

For Enquiries or Bookings call 66850 498 or contact us here

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