Kasey Walker   


Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Healer and Intuitive Tarot 

Kasey is a hypnotherapist and a psychic medium who works through her intuitive and clairvoyant abilities with both her readings and hypnotherapy.

She uses an integrative therapeutic approach to help gain clarity, insight, awareness, healing and closure to current life issues or blockages.

Kasey also works with children using art and play therapy to help heal emotional and behavioural problems.

Hypnotherapy initial consultation $140  for 1.5 hours.

Follow up appointments $130 for 1 hour.

Kids $110 for 1 hour.

Psychic tarot reading or mediumship channelling  $120 for 1 hour.

Reading and healing $150 1.5 hours

For Enquiries or Bookings call 66850 498 or contact us here

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