Katana Vick


Remedial Massage

Katana is a strongly intuitive, remedial massage therapist with 11 years experience. She provides a nurturing, collaborative space to address your health goals and restore balance. Katana approaches every client as an individual and tailor makes each treatment depending on your personal health history, holding patterns, goals and preferences. She is skilled in a range of remedial and relaxation techniques such as Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Cupping (non-flame), Stretching, Deep Tissue & Swedish. Her passion is helping people to be and feel their best. Her intention is to rejuvenate your tight & tired muscles to restore a feeling of relaxation & spaciousness to your body and mind.

Wellness is multifaceted and in addition to manual therapy she also offers a healing approach through REDOX signaling molecules by ASEA. A product that enhances the communication of your 75 trillion cells, to promote optimal cellular heath and self-healing potential.

Katana loves to learn about and explore the mind body connection. She is studying this further in March and is excited to bring this knowledge into practice.

As a member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia, health rebates may apply.


For Enquiries or Bookings call 66850 498 or contact us here

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