Nicholai Joya


Remedial Massage, Energy Medicine

Nicholai Joya is a Remedial therapist who holds space for deep physical
and mental relaxation, emotional processing and release.

He calls his work ‘Muscle healing’.
His hands are strong and his gentle touch feels intelligent, however, he is extremely sensitive and is able to effectively feel what is deeply needed for each client in order to bring balance to the body.

He applies in his treatment a different range of styles and modalities
from sports massage, stretches and trigger point to vibrational
release and chakra healing.

When you lie on Nicholai’s table you will dissipate tension, can feel
safe, healed and receive great advice for your health and wellbeing.

Nicholai also receives clients for 1 on 1 life coaching, frequency
medicine and breathwork.


For Enquiries or Bookings call 66850 498 or contact us here

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