Renalda Kleeman


Transformational Colour Therapy, Mentoring and Massage

Renalda is a qualified colour practitioner, mentor and massage therapist whose focus is with practitioners, carers and entrepreneurs that are great at looking after others yet are needing something for themselves to restore their own balance.

If you feel disconnected, off-balance, unsupported or unfulfilled yet wish to make your contribution in the world more potent whilst enjoying more fully your own life and relationships then what I am offering would be of great benefit to you.

With over twenty years’ experience in the field of colour, transpersonal therapy and meditation practices, I have found that when people reconnect with inner stillness and pure awareness, they regain an inner balance and as a result, every other aspect of their life is enriched.

I assist people in achieving this by creating a supportive, relaxed, non-intrusive environment which allows this to unfold. Through a process of self- selection, I use natural colour essences, chakra/colour balancing and massage to guide people through a transformational process to their desired outcome.

I also offer workshops on the use of colour essences for personal, home and relationship harmony.

Transformative massage 1 hr $100, Aromatherapy massage 1 hr $100, Upper body massage 45mins $65, Revitalising massage 1 hour $90, Beauty massage 1 hr $110

For Enquiries or Bookings call 66850 498 or contact us here

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