Tanita Marquezin


Massage, Theta Healing, Multimensional Therapy

Theta Healer, Multidimensional Therapy and Massage
Tanita grew up surrounded by great witches. From Reiki, chromotherapy, massages and essential oils to Ayurveda medicines and indigenous practices. Her interest in becoming a healer developed after leaving Brazil about 5 years ago. Far away from home she had to figure out how to heal herself.
She became a bodyworker through massage and started to study other holistic practices. The purpose is to help the other and herself to look inside with more kindness by aligning body, mind and soul through simple and great practices.
Massage – Relaxation, Remedial, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Lymphatic and Facial-Scalp.
ThetaHealing – Understanding root beliefs, blockages and fears in order to co-create a different reality.
Multidimensional Therapy – Healing from the heart Chakra.

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